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Introduction and Engine

Rear Axle Boot Replacement Guide

Front suspension

Front Brake Caliper Refurb

Motor Mounts

Filler neck and Waterbridge

Pod Removal & Instrument Cluster Repair I

Instrument Cluster Repair II

Power Steering Hose

Rear Caliper Refurb ('84)

'88 Fuel Sender Seal Replacement

'88 Brake Service

Door Pin Switch Repair

Brake Fluid Flush

1987 Hood Removal and Liner Repair

1988 Coolant Drain and Change Procedure

1987 Intake Refresh

1984 Odometer Repair Procedure

1987 HVAC Vacuum Leak Testing and Repair Procedure

1987 Timing Belt and Water Pump Procedure

1987 Water Pump Failure Block Repair

1988 Flex Plate and Crank End Play Check Procedure